Let’s face it, unfortunately there are a lot of unwatchable wedding videos out there. Back in the day, editing techniques were not as polished as they are today, and to be honest, just not possible. I’ve reedited many wedding videos, and this testimonial from one of our happy clients really put in to words how the work I do can really make a difference. Thank you Jennifer!

“I am so happy Vintage Images re-edited my wedding video. The main reason I wanted our wedding video done was to preserve my only copy which was still on “tape”. We don’t even own a working VHS player! I did not expect to see such polished, professional results.”

“Vintage Images smoothed out every transition creating a beautifully flowing and cohesive piece of work. The video went from being boring to exciting and perfectly timed. This was done without losing any content or meaning. It was so nice to be able to show this special day to my 3 girls who loved seeing Mom and Dad all dressed up. Thank you Vintage Images for giving us the gift of re-living this important day and the ability to share it with our family!”

We also designed a beautiful new video cover for her, incorporating her wedding day colors and the themes of her day. The perfect touch for her “new” video.