8mm Film Transfer

High Definition (HD) Film Transfer

Delivered on Blu-ray or hard drive

HD (720p): $0.70/foot
Full HD (1080p): $0.80/foot
Blu-ray copies: $25 each

Standard Definition (SD) Film Transfer

Delivered on DVD or hard drive

SD (480p): $0.50/foot
DVD copies: $12 each

Example of high definition film transfer
Example of standard definition film transfer

How much film do you have?

Reel diameter Feet of film
3 inch 50ft
4 inch 100ft
5 inch 200ft
6 inch 300ft
7 inch 400ft


All prices listed are before 6.35% CT state sales tax.

Additional Services

  • Rush deliveries can be accommodated at additional fee
  • $45/hour sitting fee (in addition to service charge) for clients who want to work with us in studio
  • $60/hour editing fee for editing of film footage

How It Works

What you need to do:

  1. You arrange your media in the order in which you want it transferred (chronological is most common).
  2. Call to arrange a drop off time for your media at my studio.
  3. You describe to me what you are looking to have done.
  4. Think about what you want to title your project.

Contact Us

What happens in our studio:

  • All film is carefully cleaned by hand to remove any dust or mold that might be on the film.
  • Cleaning fluid lubricates and conditions film prior to transfer.
  • Any dried up, old splices are replaced with fresh splices.
  • All work is performed on-site, locally.
  • All transferred data one-of-a-kind. We do not keep copies of your project.

What we’ll deliver to you:

Straight (unedited) transfer of all original films. Editing optional.

  • Delivered on DVD: Your discs will be printed with the title of your choice (inkjet printed disc face) and put in a protective hard case.
  • Delivered on hard drive: You provide the hard drive, we return it to you at the highest quality, edit-ready Mac (.mov) or Windows (.avi) files.

cleaning_filmCareful cleaning of years of dirt
splicing_filmRepairing of damaged film splices by hand
transfer_unitIndividual, frame by frame film transfer