Breathing new life into vintage media.

Local Fairfield CT families and businesses trust Vintage Images with providing completely personalized, custom transfer services.

8mm film

8mm Home Movie Film Transfer Services

For over a decade I have been dedicated to helping my Fairfield CT neighbors. Vintage Images provides transfer services of family videos, home movie films, photos, slides, records and cassettes.

I specialize in transfer services for your media in a private setting. Your old, outdated media will be safely converted to new digital formats for easier viewing and listening. These transfers will go safely onto a long-term storage media options: DVD, hard drive, thumb drive.

Personal, thoughtful transfer services.

Our clients choose Vintage Images because they . . .

  • want to meet face-to-face with the person who will be handling their media.
  • are hesitant to put their media in the mail or leave it at a big box store bin.
  • want to know their media is in a safe, local environment.
  • care about a having their media transferred thoughtfully in a private, non-commercial setting.
  • need us to do something very specific with their transferred or scanned media.

Hands-on, careful treatment of your precious family films. This is what you can expect from Vintage Images of Fairfield CT.

Videography Services


Owner Todd Gukelberger also offers dedicated videography services. Visit Gracenote Films.

Transfer Service Testimonials